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Are you an entrepreneur that's looking for a reliable financial agency that can improve your cash flow?

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The first step in business growth and increased cash flow is knowing your numbers and where you are losing unnecessary cash.

The Cash Flow Project

We know entrepreneurs hate keeping up with state and federal payroll taxes. Why not set payroll on auto pilot and let someone pay and file them for you?

Tax Services

We will help you grow by ensuring your financial work is flawless. You will have your own CPA preparing your taxes and checking your bookkeeping.


A CFO is an essential component for understanding and implementing strategic planning and maximizing cash flow for growth.

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We understand the different stages in the development of a business.

As you grow, so do our services.

Bennett Financials is not just about working on one financial area of the business where eventually you will outgrow us. We structured the business intentionally to be able to grow our services with your company in mind–whether that be a startup who only needs bookkeeping and taxes to a 6 or 7 figure business who needs that plus payroll and a controller to strategically plan out where the business is going.  We have got you covered.

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Satisfied Clients

Accounting concept,Accounting staff is summarizing the company budget.

When it comes to your cash flow, we pride ourselves on our commitment to detail.

As entrepreneurs, you know when you are dealing with your cash, every detail counts. Bennett Financials accountants work on your business with all our attention focused on your company. You don’t need to train a new employee, pay them a salary, or find someone in your staff that can do the job on top of their other duties. Let us help. By teaming with you, we can help you increase your company’s financial health.

We give advice to entrepreneurs on their most critical issues, cash flow problems, and opportunities for growth.

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