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Good financial decisions grow businesses. Period.


Bennett Financials has been an outstanding resource for us. The entire team is fantastic to work with, and Arron goes above and beyond and deeply cares about your business’s growth. Not only from a financial and tax savings perspective, but from a leader and business ownership standpoint as well.

Daniel E. Goodrich

CEO of @Virtual Counsel


We have absolutely grown our business as a result of working with Arron and Bennett Financials. We began our business in January of 2021 with no revenue, and we’re at 300K MRR currently. Finding Arron and having him as our CFO has been instrumental to our success.

Taylor Hersom

CEO of Eden Data


Arron has always worked with us in the direction we want to go. He’s helped us structure the business itself using the profit first model, and now we have the clarity to make better business decisions – knowing we have the money to do it – as a result.

Daniel Passarelli / Zander Holt

Co-Founders of Rock Hard For Life


I have to give a big shoutout to Arron Bennett of Bennett Financials . If the last month were a Rocky movie, Arron has been my Mick in the corner. He’s been huge in helping with cash flow strategies, figuring out loans, and better managing Startup Hypeman’s…

Rajiv Nathan

CEO - Startup Hypeman


I made the jump to hire an accountant for my business after doing the work myself for 13 years. I now realize how valuable an accountant is when it comes to not only owning but operating a business. I’ve worked with Arron Bennett for the past year…

Ruann Larson

CEO - Visual Communication Interpreting


I recently contracted Arron to look over my businesses financials and the game plan moving forward, if it wasn’t for Arron there’s a good chance I would’ve been wasting tens of thousands of dollars over the next year. I really respect Arron’s approach because of the way he carefully communicated the gaps in my finance game.

Ash Bradley

CEO - Scalesafe


Arron is a whole different level of CFO. He and his staff have gone above and beyond for my company. Last year we saved over $100K in taxes, and this year we stand to save $300-$400K because of his custom-tailored and unique tax planning strategies.

Michael Supina

CEO of Motive Marketing

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