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We will help you grow by ensuring your financial work is flawless. You will have your own CPA preparing your taxes and checking your bookkeeping.

Say hello to an easier tax season!

Bennett Financials has teamed up with Pro Tax & Accounting LLC to ensure that your tax deductions are maximized!

Long gone are the days where your CPA wants to do something one way but the person doing your books does it another.  Bennett Financials and Pro Tax & Accounting LLC work hand in hand to ensure that throughout the year everything is moving toward one specific goal.  This makes filing your taxes not only quick and efficient, but it also ensures that you keep as much cash as possible. 

Our Expertise & Services


The first step in business growth and increased cash flow is knowing your numbers and where you are losing unnecessary cash.

The Cash Flow Project

We help business escape the cash flow nightmare. Break away from just needing one more sale and learn to look at your businesses cash differently.

CFO Services

A CFO is an essential component for understanding and implementing strategic planning and maximizing cash flow for growth.

Financial Advisory, Corporate Tax Planning or Optimization

Taxes should be looked at quarterly!

Waiting until the end of the year to try and maximize tax deductions is costing you money!

When it comes to taxes, catching your deductions before the end of the year is key.  CPA’s are very busy toward tax time, and when they have a deadline they may just use the standardized deductions.  When you have professionals looking through your books consistently, this allows every penny for deductions to be found.  Pro Tax & Accounting LLC is in looking for tax deductions every quarter to know your business and save you cash. 

Pricing Plans

Business plus Taxes

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  • Business Tax Return
  • Personal Tax Return
  • Tax Planning
  • Audit Defense
  • Bookkeeping Review
  • Unlimited Support
  • Prior Year Return Review
  • Expert Advice
  • Maximize Tax Deductions

We help entrepreneurs keep more cash... even if they hate accounting!

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