The Profit First Method

Profit First is new approach to cash flow management that’s helping business owners like you make a profit and pay themselves fairly.

Using this system, you’ll take a percentage from each sale as profit. Then use the remaining amount for business expenses. 

Traditionally, expenses would be deducted first, then profits would be assessed from what was left over.

But this method is quickly proving itself to be more efficient AND more effective in building profitable businesses.

We are fully Profit First Certified and have mastered the core and advanced principles of Profit First accounting.

Profit First Professionals
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Profit First Professional

How It Works

With Profit First, you’ll take your profit out of the cash deposits before expenses, rather than paying yourself with what’s leftover. This cash management system involves transferring predetermined percentages of your cash deposits into various bank accounts to cover profits, taxes, operating costs, owner’s payments, and revenue.

We work with you to determine how much you should put in your accounts based on your target allocations vs. your current allocations. 

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