Keeping up with state and federal payroll taxes can be a real challenge. Why not let someone pay and file them for you?

Take the stress out of payroll!

Set your payroll on autopilot today! Our services pay and file your federal and state taxes for you!

As a small business owner, there are a lot of moving parts you need to keep track of when you hire full time employees. Filing and paying state and federal payroll taxes and sending out W2’s just touches the surface.  Are you fed up with constantly receiving late fees or penalties? Why not incorporate a smooth effortless online payroll solution for your business today? 

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The first step in business growth and increased cash flow is knowing your numbers and where you are losing unnecessary cash.

Tax Services

We will help you grow by ensuring your financial work is flawless. You will have your own CPA preparing your taxes and checking your bookkeeping.


A financial controller is an essential component for understanding and implementing strategic planning and maximizing cash flow for growth.

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Online payroll made easy!

With 24 hour free direct deposits you are able to submit payroll by as late as 5pm (PT) the day before the payday, allowing you to keep you funds a little bit longer.

Take all of the stress and complexity out of payroll.  With Bennett Financials online payroll option, you can pay your employees fast. 

You do a lot on your phone.  Now you can pay your team from anywhere and never miss payroll again. Fast and free direct deposits directly to your employees bank account. 

Pricing Plans

Full Service

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  • Pay employees and contractors
  • 24 direct deposit
  • File state and federal payroll taxes
  • Calculate paychecks
  • Online employee setup
  • State and federal payroll taxes done for you
  • Same day direct deposit
  • W-2's filed and sent
  • Assisted payroll setup
  • No-penalty guarantee

We help entrepreneurs keep more cash... even if they hate accounting.

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